AMA 2016 Christmas Dance

AMA wishes to thank all our members and their guests who attended our 2016 Christmas Dance.

The Holroyd Centre at Merrylands was a hit. AMA President Danielle Marchand thanked Dean and his enthusiastic team for creating a real party atmosphere. The food was fantastic and plentiful.

DJ Yves Seeruthun ensured his selection of music got everyone  to the dance floor.

Enjoy a few photos from the evening

The winner of the Air Mauritius ticket was Francess Bertrand. Congratulations to Francess and to all the other winners.

AMA donated $700 towards an appeal to cover Fred’s mum medical expenses, including $500 from the Raffle – so thanks to all who contributed to the raffle.


Thank You email from Fred …

From:vencatasamy frederic []

Sent: Wednesday, 25 January 2017 4:00 PM

To: Lillian Caruana <>

Subject: Donation Fred's Mum

Hi Lillian,

On behalf of my Mum, I would like to thank you and everyone who has been contributed for this donation. It was heart-warming to see how friends from all over Australia were very supportive whether financially and morally. 

Money collected from the Fund Raising and Raffle Tickets is around $6100 so far and this money has been very helpful in settling various hospital bills.

My Mum is doing much better now, in Mauritius. I've noticed lots of improvement in terms of speech and movement of her right arm and foot (which were completely paralysed). We are hoping, with the help of God, that she'll get even better in the near future.

I would be very grateful if you could pass this email to all those generous people who contributed to the fundraising.

Best Regards