His Excellency Patrick Cavalot visits Sydney

His Excellency Patrick Cavalot, the recently appointed High Commissioner of the Republic of Mauritius was greeted by about 80 members of the Mauritian diaspora on Friday 27 November 2015, at a function held at The Crown Restaurant under the auspices of the Australian Mauritian Association.

His Excellency was welcomed by Danielle Marchand, AMA President, and Jean-Marc Morvan, AMA Vice President. 

In his address His Excellency highlighted the strong belief of the government of Mauritius that the dispersed Mauritian diaspora community here in Australia, as well as elsewhere around the world, is a precious asset to the economy of Mauritius. In setting up the Mauritian Diaspora Scheme, the government invites all those who hold Mauritian nationality or who were born in Mauritius, as well as their spouses, children and grand-children to participate in the economic development of Mauritius. His Excellency encouraged all who consider themselves Mauritian to register with the High Commission in Canberra. His Excellency warmly thanked all those who made his visit to Sydney a very productive and enjoyable experience. He felt proud at the various levels of participation and achievement of Mauritians across a wide range of endeavours in the Australian community, including local government, business and academia.

All present appreciated the great food and hospitality provided by Vijay Baboo and his team at The Crown Restaurant. The entertainment provided by Jamino, his musicians and fantastic dancers stirred our Mauritian impulse to get on the dance floor and synchronise our hips to the beat of the sega. His Excellency was particularly adept at this!




PS: The AMA invites feedback from all members on any issues they may have experienced e.g. difficulty in securing Mauritian nationality, that preclude them from taking up the invitation by His Excellency to invest in Mauritius.