AMA Committee 2018

President: Ms Danielle Marchand

Vice President: Mr Jean-Marc Morvan

Secretary: Ms Marie-Noelle Sidonie

Asst. Secretary: Mr Ron Caruana

Treasurer: Mrs Lillian Caruana

Asst. Treasurer: Dr Roseline Yardin

Petanque Co-ordinator: Mr Percy Wilden

Special Recognition to Past President, Pierre Figon

Pierre Figon was a foundation member of the Australian Mauritian Association.

Elected to the Committee in 1975, he became Treasurer in 1976 and stayed in that position until 1985. He then took over as President in 1986 and retained that position until 1995, a ten-year stint.

In 1996 he became Vice-President and served until 2009 when he retired.

Pierre served the AMA as a committee member for a period of 33 years continuously.

Danielle Marchand
Danielle Marchand is the sole Director of her own company, Pristine Living Management, managing residential, commercial and retail strata title properties. She has been a business executive and director for the past 25 years and is a member of the Institute of Strata Title Management.

Pristine Living was winner of Small Business of the Year Award in 2010.

Danielle has been an AMA committee member since 1987 and AMA President continuously since 1996.

Jean-Marc Morvan

Jean-Marc has worked for the Australian Postal Corporation for 20 years in a Customer Advisory capacity and Manager Litigation before joining the Department of Education and Training where he currently works as a Project Officer.

Jean-Marc served as a committee member of the Canterbury Copains Petanque Club during the nineties prior to joining the AMA Committee.



Marie-Noelle Sidonie

Marie-Noelle was born in Quatre-Bornes Mauritius. 

She attended Notre-Dames Des Victoires primary school and Loreto Convent Rose-Hill high school.

She is currently working as a Senior Reporting Analyst in the Financial Planning Industry.  


Ron Caruana

Ron Caruana is Managing Director of his own company, Danrae Waterproofing, a company that prides itself on providing professional waterproofing and water related repairs to the construction and remedial building industries, within residential, commercial, justice, industrial, retail, health and aged care sectors.

 Ron previously had his own electrical business for 15 years before starting his Danrae Waterproofing 14 years ago.

Lillian Caruana

Lillian Caruana previously administered accounts and payroll and is now Finance Manager in Danrae Waterproofing which employs 15 workers.

Roseline Yardin

Roseline Yardin

Percy Wilden

Percy Wilden has worked in the electronics industry for some 30 years and has been involved in the sport of Petanque for the past 20 years or so.

Percy is also a volunteer driver for the Hills Community Centre in the Meals on Wheels service.